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teh Box of Honest

a.k.a. Di

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly you'll find in this journal, so here it is.

Frankly, most of the stuff you won't be interested in. My life, as boring or exciting as it gets. The occation fanfic, full of slash and angst. Possibly some rants about the things that annoy me. Definitely some fun boy/girl-loving. Probably some Jewish stuff, depending on the time of year.

It's basically about me. Who am I?

~Alex, but to you, its(teh)Box or Di
~bisexual (maybe?)
~gryffindor by day, slytherin by night
~book lover
~teenager (with all the fun moodiness to go along with it)
~incredibly definite
~unable to spell

Maybe you're wondering exactly wtf is up with my user name. Whull, it's because I don't believe in bull shit. I tell the truth no matter what, even though most of the time its mean. Whoops. I don't care what people think of me which really comes in handy during highschool xD

Any questions? Feel free to ask.